Software As A Service

We make software to improve peopleĀ“s lives, our company combines innovation and technology.

Use our SDK or white label app safely

With Rewire Holding, all communications between a white label app and the infrastructure are aimed to be encrypted, till they are on the server for specific future features or till they are at our cloud server. Our infrastructure has additional safeguards by using multi signature access methods and encrypting even the database at the infrastructure. Users are aimed in a future app update also be able, if their smartphone is stolen, to simply download the white label app in another smartphone and authenticate from scratch by logging in, then passing 2FA (email code verification and one of face recognition or fingerprint recognition), and at that point have the option in the app Settings to revoke authorization to all other devices except the new one which has just been fully authenticated, and at that point change his password too.

Experts at your service

We offer you the services of a highly qualified complete team for your company at any time, to optimize, maintain and update your technical and digital resources to maximize the efficiency of your business.


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